Anti-theft doors

The benefits of anti-theft door

The doors than conventional doors are more durable and long life*

*There are two keys on the computer keyboard in operation during construction and 6 are used. Each of the 6 key to enter the lock. 2 previous key will be useless.

The door bell, eye, handles and fittings, hidden hinges (4) and the frame.*

*Anti-theft doors for filling the interior door of Honey Comb Paper thermal insulation and moisture as they are 100%

*Plastic drain away because of anti-theft door to be actuated, Prevent the entry of dust and moisture and will not contribute significantly to energy dissipation.

Easy to install in the process of building construction that will cause harm to the door*

These doors are usually hidden hinges that can be closed when not identified any Swing*

The use of anti-theft doors for security functions and high quality economic sense as well.*

گروه صنعتی آفتاب
گروه صنعتی آفتاب
گروه صنعتی آفتاب
گروه صنعتی آفتاب