double glazed door and window

گروه صنعتی آفتاب

The beauty and simplicity of the design plan and profile *

Saving fuel and energy*

Compatible with the environment*

The possibility of opening a window in the air*

Recycling of up to five times (Environmentally friendly)*

Appropriate price*

Resistant to atmospheric agents, wind, rain, wind and humidity*

Insulation against heat and cold (in terms of insulation glass with rubber EPDM*

Impermeable nature of the noise (insulation against sound) *

Ease of installation and replacement glass*

Colors (uPvc feature laminated structures in different colors is capable of being supplied*

Any non-fouling and corrosion resistant, rot and climate change*

No flares during a fire (anti-flammability and fire)*

گروه صنعتی آفتاب
گروه صنعتی آفتاب

Light weight*

*Using the most modern safety harness and embedded within the framework of multiple locks (protection against theft)

Easy to install and easy to clean (with a damp cotton cloth or soap and water)*

Ability to install one, two and multi-walled glass*

Interchangeable with old windows in residential buildings without destroying the walls*

Ability to install various types of lace on them*

Variation in the opening and closing of the door windows*

Appropriate temperature and deformation resistance (against cold temperatures -62 and +80 ° C)*

No penetration of dust into the interior even strong winds (insulated against dust)*

Equipped with a mechanism preventing disruption openings in the wind*

Resistance to chemicals*

Install windows uPvc

Durability and performance in direct contact with uPvc windows installation is complete sealing and insulation, Opening and closing of the exchange of notes that sound and heat and sun to be observed by specialists in industrial installations, As a result, we will be witness to optimize energy consumption.

گروه صنعتی آفتاب